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Holy smokes! Only nine minutes!


I've got nothing.

I've been thinking about Dad a lot today. Last night I cut the boys hair, and so this morning when I got in the tub there were all these little short hairs there. It reminded me of visiting Dad in the hospital once and thinking he'd shaved or something because there were all these little hairs all over him, and then I realized it had fallen out, not been shaved off. It was always hard to forget he was sick and easy to forget he was sick at the same time. Well, maybe not easy, but if you work hard enough at something after a while it becomes habit, and you hardly have to try at all.

I miss him. I've been fantasizing about hugging him all day. Oh I miss him. I would do almost anything to just be able to hug him. Maybe pet his hair a little. I miss him.

And the other thing on my mind is my cousin Jen's baby Elliot who has not had an easy time of it since he was born premature. He's been in and out of the hospital since he was born, on a feeding tube, and now back in the hospital again, and needing oxygen to be be comfortable. So pray for him and his family. It's been a lot.

I wish I was a magic fairy godmother and I could just fix things. It would be... So good.

That's all I can manage for tonight.


  1. I wish you were too!
    Love you girl!

  2. Me too. When you're Supreme Dictator you should really demand that someone come up with the magic wand thing.

    I wish I could give you a hug.


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