Ack. I almost forgot a title.

Whoops! I still have to write something. That's the thing about nablopomo, it's easy to feel like you've just posted, because you've just posted. Just not today, apparently.

Not yet anyways... And so I give you this:


What else is new? Yorkton's stupid Tim Horton's drive-thru is ALWAYS lined up onto the street. I think I can think of two times it wasn't. Canada Day, 2010... And that one time that all the power in Yorkton went out for an hour or so. (And I went driving around that day, just because it looked weird with EVERYTHING in the dark, except for Superstore which was somehow blazing like a beacon in a... Where was I? Oh yeah, I went driving around that time and there was one lunatic parked there, waiting for who knows what. Sheesh.)

I can NOT, for the life of me, (what exactly does that mean anyways, for the life of me?) understand why anyone would wait in a drive-thru line for 20 minutes for stupid Tim Horton's coffee. (And it doesn't help to go inside. You'll probably wait even longer, although, then you won't end up parked on the street irritating me.) It's not that good people. It's not. Actually, nothing is. I wouldn't even wait 20 minutes for Starbucks, and if you know me at all, you know how I feel about my mocha frappucinos.

Anyways. I hate that dumb drive-thru. Every time I drive past it, which is a lot because it's right by Superstore. (Blazing like a beacon, come what may, I know what that means, come what may, that one makes sense.) If I was dictator of the Canada I would get rid of all Tim Horton's drive-thrus, or I'd make a law that says they can only be built at least 4km out of city limits, just so I don't have to look at, and drive around, all the pathetic Timmies addicts wasting their lives in the Tim Horton's drive-thru.

(Wanna know something else that is incredibly irritating? When well-meaning EA's totally, and I mean TOTALLY, take over in a class you're subbing in and you're left standing there watching them like you're an intern, after giving up on trying to retake control because it's just making you feel and look even dumber than you already do. Of course, that never happens to me, not even today. Obviously. Argh.)


  1. they just did this at the 33rd street tim's. you can no longer enter from 33rd street eastbound.

  2. It was that way here when the Sonic drive-in opened up. I still haven't been there. The lines were ridiculous and there is no food that will prompt me to wait in line hours.Silly people.


  3. Ah Yorkton's Tim Hortons. Now THAT is one place I do not miss. Not for the life of me. But I do miss Becky. And always will...come what may.

  4. That was busting to get out of you for a long time. LOL I find all this funny coming from a person who can't stand the smell of coffee, let alone drink it unless it is in frozen form from Starbucks. Hahahaha


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