Santa's Here!

It doesn't feel like the Christmas season has really arrived until Santa rolls into town... Very slowly, behind a bunch of cars with Christmas lights on them, and some trailers with little kids riding and waving, and a whole bunch of people walking down the street handing out candy canes that I will throw out because my kids won't eat them.

But first, look how cute Hannah is. She's sick, and nothing makes her feel better than sitting in my bed all day watching YouTube videos on my laptop. I understand Hannah. My bed is the best place in the world when I'm sick. Or any time actually. (Which is why you can see my book just behind the laptop.)

I also have to point out her socks. Which took me right back to when Sam was this age.

And moving onto the parade...

Sam got to ride on the float for his preschool. (Don't ask why he isn't wearing mittens. I can't answer that. I never did get a straight answer out of Glen.) His teachers said Sammy was the best Merry Christmasser. (That's how you'd spell that right? Two s's?) Nice and loud. What a shocker. (He's the one in the Huskies hat, just in case you have trouble picking him out. Which you shouldn't, because he's also the only one not wearing mittens.)

His daddy got to walk alongside (wearing a shirt and antlers provided by the preschool) and hand out candy.

I got to sit in a nice warm wagon snuggling Ben and Hannah with some blankets and a good friend to keep me company and take our picture. (Man, I can't wait till I can smile with my mouth open again. I am getting really sick of that smirk.)

This was my favourite float. It looked even better in person.

And the grand finale. Santa Phil. Only in Yorkton does Santa ride down the street calling out to people by name and saying things like, "The kids are getting so big! Ho ho ho!"


  1. Poor baby. I sympathize with her. At least I can take cough syrup.

    Sammy cracks me up. He probably did not notice his hands had no mittens. I bet you could hear him loud and clear. A perfect job for him. He is adorable there with his Husky hat. I want to squeeze him.

  2. Sometimes I miss small town stuff, like parades bringing Santa. Our fire department used to come around with Santa and hand out candy canes in the neighborhood, but then our area got sewers, which, of course, created more housing (apartments) and our fire department merged with a bigger one and no more Santa coming around on a fire truck. Sad. Sammy looks like he is having fun in spite of missing his mittens.



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