The Timlight Zone

My plan was to post this story today. And laugh and laugh at how American's are smarter than Canadians. At least when it comes to coffee.

But then the weirdest thing happened today.

I already mentioned this, but my friend Ronda (from high school!) and her daughter are here visiting (yay!) for the weekend, and she just HAD to have her Timmies. So I packed some provisions (food, water, books, pillows) for the wait in the drive thru and when we got there...


It took like, FIVE MINUTES! FROM START TO FINISH!!!!! Unbelievable. Seriously, I could not believe it. It felt like we had somehow slipped into another dimension or something, because, I swear I have never driven by that drive thru with less than, I don't know, five cars? And the average has to be at LEAST ten.

Unbelievable. Ronda is getting a very good impression of Dorkton. She keeps exclaiming, everywhere we go, "I can't believe you guys have a (fill in the blank)!"

Plus I made her a fantastic stir-fry for supper and Ang's World Famous Caramel Corn for night snack. Yesssssssssss. I am telling you, I am a fabulous hoster.


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