Worth the Wait?

Well, I started working on this post well before midnight. So it still counts as Friday. Plus it's still Friday somewhere...

Something was going on with my video camera and I ended up having to upload all 576 videos from it onto my computer just to get at the one I wanted. And then I had to upload that one to YouTube. So it took longer than I'd planned for it to take. But I think Hannah is worth the wait. I had trouble picking which "take" to put up, because in an earlier one she sings a little louder and longer. And then in another one she gets very excited when the star takes the owl for a ride through the clouds... But she doesn't say "Bye bye stah." Or "All done." So I picked this one. Because you get a little of everything. She's just so cute though, that none of the videos can fully capture how sweet she is when she watches Twinkle Twinkle. Hope you like it. For most of you it will get pretty boring, but I'm putting it up mostly for Mom anyways, who is the only person who finds Hannah nearly as captivating as I do.


  1. Hannah is just too cute! That was adorable. And Violet found that just as fun to watch as the actual star video :)
    I think our little girls need to meet!


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