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He Opens a Window

God helps those who help themselves. That's a dumb thing to say. For one thing, it isn't even close to biblical, for another it always seems to be said at the dumbest times. It goes hand in hand with "If you believe, you shall receive," which isn't a dumb thing to say if you don't say it to someone whose dad is only a few hours away from losing his fight with cancer. Sometimes people believe things and say things without thinking very much about how what they believe and say could be - for lack of a better word - wrong. Or at least, not accurate, and definitely not helpful.

Someone said to me, after Dad died, (I hate writing that, "died") that "When God closes a door He opens a window." What a dumb thing to say. First of all, it made no sense. I'm sure they said it just because they couldn't think of anything to say. (Tip: If you can't think of something to say to someone who is hurting, it's the perfect time to say, "…

Poor Girl

I wrote a new post for Hannah. She had a bit of a day.

Poor Hannah. Everything is just a little too difficult to handle lately. I think it's because she's at one of those transition stages babies have where their abilities can't quite keep up with their expectations... Like just before they learn to crawl, walk, talk, etc. Maybe if we win this contest over at Tickled Pink Gifts for Girls she'll cheer up.