Everything Happens For A Reason

I believe that. It's basic cause and effect. If you don't believe everything happens for a reason you're dumb, because it does.

A ball goes through a window. There's a reason. Someone hit it, or dropped it, or threw it. Or maybe it fell from space after Wile E. Coyote hit it up there with a rocket powered Acme baseball bat. And whoever put the ball into motion probably had a reason for doing one of those things.

, it does not follow that everything happens for a good reason, or even an intelligent one.

Here's an example. On January 8th a little girl was killed in Arizona. There was a reason, actually there were lots of them, but some people thought it was a good reason. Some people thought it was God's reason, that He sent the shooter. They are the kinds of people who believe that everything happens for a reason in the way that I don't believe it. Because I don't believe that God orders every aspect of our lives. I don't believe that God is happy when little girls die or when tsunami's devastate countries or when all kinds of bad things happen all over the world every day. I don't believe that.

So what do I believe? How do I look out at a world filled with horrors happening every day and still believe that God is both all powerful and loving at the same time?

It's not easy sometimes. It's almost completely impossible at other times. I remember crying for days over a news story about a baby beaten and molested and then left in her exersaucer to die, and I have never doubted God's love more. Because if He loved that baby... Why? How? HOW? How could a loving God see that horror and not strike those evil men down? How could he not stop things like that from happening?

And how could God watch us fast and pray, and beg, and worry, and struggle, and then finally watch our hearts completely break when my dad took his last few breaths. And why? Because I know that if He had healed my dad that week it would have been a good thing. And it would have spoken of God's power and goodness and faithfulness to so many people who need to see God's love in action, who need to believe He's there and He cares about them. So why?

I don't know, but I do know that everything does not always happen for a good reason.

(That's my second point. I'll tie this all together tomorrow.)


  1. Every time I read stories like the ones you shared, about little children suffering due to the actions of evil adults, I shutter, I grieve, and I feel awful inside.

    I claim to love God and follow Him. But I don't understand how He can stand by and see all this awful, horrendous evil. Oh, I know the "right answers" and I trust the justice will come in time. But why not NOW?

    And sometimes I get so scared, terrified, actually, that my beautiful babies will be taken away from me prematurely. I don't know what I'd do if that happened. I'd go insane. Literally.

    What does it mean to truly believe God is good ALL the time? I've asked myself that so many times.

    Difficult stuff...


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