New Rules

Well, it's been a while.

I think I need to make up some kind of rule for myself or it'll be months before I post again. And I do like posting here. I do.

Maybe my rule should be once a week. I could do that I think. I like typing. It makes me feel very professional. I like the clickity click of the keyboard. I like watching the words form up on the screen. That's good stuff.

Part of the problem is that I still often feel like what I really want to say, and what is really important to me, is not what other people want to hear. And that feeling is just getting stronger as time goes on and the world moves on without us.

I think I need to make it so my blog posts don't show up on facebook. Because when my posts go to facebook I know there are people who are reading who really don't care. Or who really don't know me. And that part doesn't bother me that much really, but even if the people who come here don't care and don't know me, it's their problem. They came here. If it goes to facebook then it's kind of being shoved in people's faces. It feels a little narcissistic to me. "Read me! Read me! Comment! Comment! Like me! Like me!"

Which is also fine for most posts. For ordinary ones it's fine. I have no problem asking for attention and approval... Most of the time.

Anyways, all that just to say I'm gonna try this for a while with some new rules:
  1. Post once a week.
  2. No more blog posts on facebook. This is a hard one for me because I like having the posts backed up on facebook, and I like that it's easy for people to see when I've posted because my posts automatically go there when I post here. But, in the end, I think I'll post more if I keep the blog and facebook separate, and I'll be happy to have all the comments for each post in one place and know that the people reading and commenting care enough to come here to see if I've posted.
So that's what I'm going to do. Starting... Now.


  1. O.K. Only thing if you have nice pictures of the kids you will still post those on facebook right?

    I can't even commit to that. You are doing well.

  2. Obviously. The easiest way to share pics is still facebook. I'll probably only put pictures here if they have stories or I can't think of anything to write... Same as usual. lol

  3. Hey! I'm trying to jump-start my blogging again too. We should make a pact! or something.

  4. Count me in. I'm trying to come up with a continuing theme or subject. I wanted to do the daily January, but I failed. I'm thinking of what I want to do with my blog.
    I only post my blog on facebook if someone has asked me to let them know when I've posted. It's the easiest, fastest way to get the word out that it is up and available when I can't remember who exactly wanted to see my pictures and stuff.
    I have some friends who get my blogs in their emails. It automatically emails itself to them when I post it. It's a more private way to share the blog and a nice way for those less computer savvy to be able to find it because they don't have to look. I think I have seven friends, now, who are receiving my blog this way.They comment back to me in email, also, so it's easier for them. Once you put them on the list, though, they will always get your blog in their email unless you remove them. Good luck with the blogging thing. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of your blogging. Honest!

    wow, really?

    Omgoodness...I failed at that one. So how about this one?

    and can you say, wow, really? again?

  5. I totally know what you mean. I always want to write about what's going on and how I'm feeling but feel like people are sick of me talking about my dad.
    But it's your blog! Write whatever you want and those that really care about you will care.
    Once a week sounds good to me - I'm going to try that too.

  6. I always come and check your blog!

  7. I refuse to join Facebook! :) Thus, I come here because I enjoy keeping in touch, even if it is through this cyber space.

  8. I like to keep Facebook and my blog separate. I actually prefer blogging over facebook for many reasons. I'm glad you have new rules. I am always look forward to what you have to say:)

  9. I want to blog more, too. I miss blogging so hard. But I find that I go to blog, and... I don't know what to write about. It came naturally before, and now it feels like an effort. I think once a week at least is a good plan. I don't know "the other becky", but I think she's got a good idea.


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