This Week I'm Gonna...

Don't read this. It's super boring, and I'm mostly just writing it down to sort it all out in my own head, and because lists motivate me. And really, don't you hate reading about the stuff that other people need to get done? Like, "Oooo! I'm so impressed that you have stuff to get done. Join the club hoser." Or maybe that's just me, lol. I am a cranky hag sometimes. The rest of you are probably a lot nicer than I am.

Laundry. I'm about.... Five loads behind. I don't know how that happened since it feels like I've been doing laundry every day. That's not counting the two loads sitting in baskets that need to be folded and put away. So that's during the day. It should be interesting because Hannah LOVES messing up piles of nicely folded laundry. In the evening I'll be at soccer with the boys. Also, MY KINDLE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TOMORROW!

Tuesday: Demo day. I'm gonna get all the tile off walls in the kitchen. And take Sam to preschool. That's it. Should be an easy day. I'm sure taking tile off of walls can't be that hard.

Wednesday: Subbing in Ben's class during the day and TOOPY AND BINOO in the evening!

Thursday: Clean the house after the disaster that Wednesday's business is sure to leave behind. And in the evening HARV AND SHIRLEY GET HERE!!!

Friday: Finish priming (with oil) the kitchen cupboards. I know I told Shirley I had nothing to do that day and I would just be available for whatever she wants to do, but the weather forecast says it's supposed to be nice out and I need to do the oil painting on days I can open the windows. It won't take long. An hour tops.

So that's my week. Seems much more do-able separated into days like that. When I was thinking about it all in one group it seemed a little cuckoo. The only thing that could mess it all up is if I get Sam's stomach flu. I'm really hoping the reason my stomach is upset right now is the chili I ate for supper. So no flu. For any of us. Obviously. That applies busy week, or not. NO flu.


  1. Even I'm behind on laundry and I've always done it every day. I am still doing it every day and it seems like I just can't catch up for some reason. It's the socks I think. I am highly resistant to folding socks lately, so I avoid that whole area. Keep redrying (aka freshening up) to fold, but then never fold. Tonight I'm on it! Maybe there is some laundry sickness going around. Laundry aversion disease or something like that.
    Taking tiles off the walls sounds like so much fun. I wish I could come help.
    I have no idea what Toopy and Binoo are.
    Sounds like a nice busy week. I wonder if the Kindle will throw a clink in the works.

    Ok...I had to laugh out loud just seeing this many possibilities.


    I'm hoping no one notices when my gasemets.


  2. I am now all caught up. I should have started with the "no more facebook blogs." I had come to rely on it to let me know when you'd posted, so I didn't have to go through the utterly exhausting ritual of typing your address into my web browser. Ahh, my life.

    I like hearing to-do lists, I really do! I like knowing what you're up to today. I'm so nosy, sometimes I even startle myself, and I have to remind myself that not everyone feels this way about the details of my own life :) I also like those stupid quizzes about what you ate for breakfast, or if you would never use a blue pen on pain of death, but only black. I have a sickness, or I need a hobby or something.

    I'm glad you're still blogging lots. I was pretty disappointed there for a while, I'm not gonna lie.

    I need to post more too. I like it, and my blog has been neglected for years. But first, get Bella up and dressed, feed her an eggo. Switch out my laundry and make my bed, and see how long I can go without giving in to Bella wanting to watch Backyardigans. Once she's down for a nap, I'm making lasagna for the big family dinner we're having tomorrow night to celebrate Colevin's marriage. Then maybe coffee with a good friend and her little girl. Peter gets home at 330 and I have no idea what we'll do this evening.
    See? Riveting. I'm sure you were just dying to know all that.

    My word is hingle. By far my favorite one yet.

  3. I Love how when you say Don't read this we all do and you get 7 comments. Although most of them by s


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