All By Myself

You know, there are big romantic gestures, fancy trips, jewelery, rose petals on beds, all kinds of jazz like that. But there comes a time in every woman's life when nothing says romance like some time alone.

That was my Valentine's present from Glen this year. A card that said I could have a kid-free evening, supper, movie, and snacks included. He knows me well.

So I picked last night. (Survivor night! Yesssssssssss.) This is how it started:

What's cuter than that? Not much I think. Smooth move Glen.

Then he picked up appetizers from BP's for supper/snack. And he left. With the children. And so began 2.5 happy hours spent with no chance of anyone bugging me. It looked like this:

(Glen took the kids to McDonald's. And then, because they still had some time to kill, they sat in the van in the parking lot at Walmart and watched some Backyardigans. lol. Nice.)

Anyways... It. Was. Perfect.


  1. Oh, man. You're lucky. So stinkin' lucky.

  2. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to celebrate with something you could really appreciate!


  3. That sounds awesome! So jealous! Way to go Glen!!!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful Valentine's! You have a smart husband!

  5. Ooooh man, that must have been soo nice. Especially all that BP's foods. YUM!

  6. nice work Glen. Nice work indeed ;)


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