Why No Post?

Because. Hannah spilt Pepsi all over the table my laptop was sitting on. That's why. (That's the second time she's done that with Pepsi. And then there was once with just plain water. I told Glen we should have gotten the fancy insurance that covers spills.)

In other, completely unrelated news, I've decided to give up Pepsi. For two reasons. One is that I have the worst heartburn all the time, and it took till a few days ago for me to think, "I wonder if the two cans of Pepsi I drink every day may be contributing to this?" Dur. The other reason is that Mikey has always bugged me about how unhealthy diet drinks are, (I only drink diet Pepsi) and tells me I should quit drinking them. My response has always been that smoking is unhealthy, and that usually ends the conversation. Of course, now that he's quitting smoking I will no longer have that awesome comeback ready and waiting so it seems easier to just quit. :)

In other, also completely unrelated news, Hannah is obviously planning on hitting the "terrible twos" running. (I've never called them the terrible twos myself. I love twos.) Yesterday evening is a perfect example of some of the new material she's been working into her act. I had some Smarties to give her, and told her she needed to say please. She cried. And fought to get the Smarties herself. And screamed. And fell on the ground. I said over and over, "Say please Hannah. Say please!" More crying. Finally, she had enough and decided to ditch me (probably because I was laughing at her) and went upstairs to Ben and Sam's room. At this point it occurred to me, 'Why am I not filming this?" So, obviously, I filmed it.


  1. I wonder where she got that from. LOL

    She sure can sound very sad except you know that it is just stubborn when she can try to ignore you and root through the toys.

  2. AWESOME. After the kind of day Sam and I had today, this was the BEST video I could possibly have watched. Not that I am enjoying your pain...just that I am enjoying not being the only one going through this pain.

  3. Love it. Bella melted down over her last bite of dinner the other day. Peter kept trying, and it was something she LOVED. Finally she says to him, "Daddy, no. No. Tasha? Yes? Yes. Okay. Good. Yes Daddy. Tasha." How quickly the tables turned to her telling him how things were going to go. He cracked up and said to me, "Honey. Our daughter is a schmoozer. A negotiator. I suppose we shouldn't be all that surprised."

    I love that you think to video this stuff. I never do.

  4. Good for you giving up Pepsi! I used to "drink" Pepsi all the time until I realized one day that each night before bed I was picking up 8-10 cans, more than half full of Pepsi that I didn't really drink. I really only liked that first burning chug and then never finished the cans. I also only drank diet Pepsi (or sometimes Coke). I don't miss it one bit or the gas and heartburn that accompanied it. I am a milk-a-holic anyway and much prefer milk with my meals. Good luck with your goal! I do drink occasional soda drinks, but I stick to root beer or creme, orange or grape. And it never makes me miss Pepsi at all.
    I love twos, also! And I especially love the two year olds that give you a run for the money! So much fun and so entertaining! And you can just see those little wheels turning in their little heads! lol.



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