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Thirty Day Thursday: Two

I'm not doing these all in a row. That's too much like work. I'm going to space them out. Every Thursday. How's that sound? Seems a little lazy to you? Too bad. You don't get a vote.

So here comes my least favourite song. Well, one of them. I'm sure there are songs I hate more, but whenever I hear this on the radio, which isn't often since I almost never listen to the radio, I say, "I really hate this song." It annoys me. I think it's the organ mostly. And I know some of you will gasp in horror when I say this, but I pretty much hate anything by The Doors.

Enjoy. Or don't. I won't.

30 Day Distraction Device

It's been a rough week for me. I miss my dad. So much. This week.

Who knows why it's especially bad right now, it just is. Maybe it was Uncle Jake's visit. Maybe it was noticing how old Ben seems lately. Maybe it's because two years ago at this time Mom and Dad were getting ready to come out here to be with us when Hannah was born. Maybe it's just that sometimes when life seems overwhelming in any way, I miss knowing he was there, just a phone call away. Anyways, I miss him.

So let's work on distracting me for a bit. Mom said a few weeks ago that I should do the 30 Day Song Challenge. So, in typical Becky style, I've been working on completing the whole list for a while now so I could start posting them, knowing in advance exactly where I'm going. (I finished the list last night.)

Day one is "Your Favourite Song." I have a lot of favourites, but if I have to pick just one, it would have to be this one:

I love hymns. And this one in particular spea…

Free Books? Yes Please!

I love Francine Rivers. So I have to enter this contest. I have no choice. Look what I could win:

Grand Prize—complete Francine Rivers LibraryFirst Place Prize (1)—1 copy each of Her Mother’s Hope/Her Daughter’s DreamSecond Place Prize (2)—1 Mark of the Lion boxed setThird Place Prize (3)—1 copy of A Lineage of GraceFourth Place Prize (4)—1 copy of Sons of Encouragement
First place would be fab, but I'd probably be just about as happy with second place.

Sunday is Funday: Three (Previously LOL Sunday: Three)

I remember the first time I saw this.

Wait. Did that storm trooper just hit his head on that door?

Rewind. He totally did.

No one showed it to me. And I got to show it to all my friends, who were HUGE Star Wars geeks. Ah, the memories.

Also, I've decided that I don't like "LOL Sunday" as a title for these posts. So I'm changing it. Starting.... Now.

Sunday is Funday: Two (Previously LOL Sunday: Two)

You've probably seen this before. Too bad. You're about to see it again because I lurv it, and it seriously makes me lol every stinkin' time.


Good Grief

Today Sam and I talked about his grampa.

I can't remember what started that turn in our conversation, we talk about him a lot, but Sammy ended the conversation today by saying "... And I hardly ever cry anymore when I'm thinking about him." I told him that was good, because Grampa wouldn't want him to be sad when we think about him.

It's funny how Sam's mommy can say that to him with a straight face. Because every night when I go to bed, and it's a night when I haven't cried that day, I feel guilty. Which is SO stupid. But the feeling is there.

I don't cry as much as I used to, and that bothers me.

And the thing is, it doesn't hurt less. At all. When I think of Dad it still feels like someone has punched me in the stomach, it takes my breath away. And it is so hard still to accept that this is my life. This is in the story of my life, and there won't be an editor who comes along and says, "Nope, that part is too sad, you need to r…

We Wants It. We Needs It.

We must have the Precious. So bright... So beautiful... Ahhhhhh, Precious.

Sunday is Funday (Previosly LOL Sunday)

I've been working on some sewing projects today. One of them is a quilt that I've ALMOST been finished for about... Six years now.

It's Ben's 1st birthday quilt. Here's a picture:

Actually, since it's taken me SO long, it's now too small for him so I'm thinking I'm going to turn it into a book. Only I'm not quite sure how to make the pages. I'm thinking I will just back each patch with a piece of white fabric, but then that makes me think... What if I got a picture of each person (at least the special people) and Ben at that age and had it printed on the white fabric and then sewed it so it was across from the patch they made?But that seems like a lot of work. I wonder if I could somehow mount the patches on paper and put them in a scrapbook and then just get a print and glue it in beside each patch. That would be way easier...

So anyways, there's this one patch on the quilt:

Which totally reminded me of this:

Oh man, I love Trogdor the Burn…

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Updated)

Check this out:

If you don't know who Tad Williams is, this post will mean nothing to you. (And I'm tempted to say you mean nothing to me, but that wouldn't be true, so I won't say it, but seriously, you should know who Tad Williams is.)

Oh man, I don't think I would be more excited if Jane Austen wrote on my wall for my birthday. Although, she is dead, so maybe that would be a "tad" more exciting. lol.

Oh, Tad. How I love you. What a perfect birthday present. :)

Happy Becky. That is me.

UPDATE: He did it again. Except this time he looked at a photo album with pictures of my kids. And he wrote this:

Tad Williams thinks my kids are killer cute. This is FANTASTIC. Although...

Seriously, how could he not?

I ❤ Amazon!

Okay. I totally only ordered these shoes late on March 1st. And they're froinkin' here already. Amazon is FAST.

But not as fast as I'll be in my snappy new shoes! (Lol. Not.)

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I got nothing. And I've been meaning to write a post for a few days now, but seriously. Nothing.

So I'm going to tell you that I bought four pairs of shoes this week. So far. (Don't tell Glen.) For a while now I've been needing to get a new pair of sneakers, that aren't sneakers, to wear to soccer practice and grocery shopping. I was thinking of something along the lines of this:

But I seriously couldn't find anything even close in Regina OR Saskatoon. As usual all the summer stuff comes out in January or February and so it was impossible to find any version of these that weren't made of mesh, or open backed. So I bought these:

Just because they are froinking cute and I fell in love and couldn't resist them. And then I went to Walmart, and because I was in the shoe department hoping maybe I could find a cheap version of the Skechers I wanted, I ended up buying these for no real reason except I liked them and they were cheap:

Plus I dig the bottoms:
But I wa…