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Check this out:

If you don't know who Tad Williams is, this post will mean nothing to you. (And I'm tempted to say you mean nothing to me, but that wouldn't be true, so I won't say it, but seriously, you should know who Tad Williams is.)

Oh man, I don't think I would be more excited if Jane Austen wrote on my wall for my birthday. Although, she is dead, so maybe that would be a "tad" more exciting. lol.

Oh, Tad. How I love you. What a perfect birthday present. :)

Happy Becky. That is me.

UPDATE: He did it again. Except this time he looked at a photo album with pictures of my kids. And he wrote this:

Tad Williams thinks my kids are killer cute. This is FANTASTIC. Although...

Seriously, how could he not?


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I haven't read any of his books (yet). Otherland is on my list. That's amazing. I want a writer to write on my wall!

  2. OH HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome picture. I just want pick her up and...well, maybe steal her. But I'll send pictures. Don't worry.

    Well done on the Tad relationship. You can just tell...it's more than just a facebook friendship. You can JUST TELL. ;)

  3. j.e.a.l.o.u.s.

    but honestly, why wouldn't Hannah have a celebrity following?


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