I ❤ Amazon!

Okay. I totally only ordered these shoes late on March 1st. And they're froinkin' here already. Amazon is FAST.

But not as fast as I'll be in my snappy new shoes! (Lol. Not.)


  1. AMAZING! :D I have to say, they look pretty cute on. Especially with the socks(?) you have on.

  2. I can't believe you ordered shoes from Amazon. They should stick to books. But that would probably interfere with their plan for world retail domination.

  3. Shirley! How could you say that? Amazon should NOT stick to books. They are fantastic in every way and if they do achieve world retail domination, I will be a very happy girl.

  4. 'Cause seriously? What other company could get my shoes from my head to my feet in less than a week? (They should make that their slogan.)

  5. Very cool! I love Amazon as well. That and ChaptersIndigo!

  6. Cute stuff. and you will love that my word is ....opanery

    they are so open and airy! lol

  7. I love them. I'm also for Amazon ruling the retail world. Sure beats WalMart.


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