Sunday is Funday: Three (Previously LOL Sunday: Three)

I remember the first time I saw this.

Wait. Did that storm trooper just hit his head on that door?

Rewind. He totally did.

No one showed it to me. And I got to show it to all my friends, who were HUGE Star Wars geeks. Ah, the memories.

Also, I've decided that I don't like "LOL Sunday" as a title for these posts. So I'm changing it. Starting.... Now.


  1. I tried to show it to Peter, who is a bigger Star Wars geek than I'd care to admit.

    He's seen it. Of course. I never know ANYTHING before Peter. Sigh.
    Got another?

  2. Haha! Was this in the actual movie? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    Melanie, your husband may be a Star Wars geek, but mine's a Trekkie.

    Oh man, word verifications. Today: latme

    Just "latme" comment already! Oh I am so punny.


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