Sunday is Funday (Previosly LOL Sunday)

I've been working on some sewing projects today. One of them is a quilt that I've ALMOST been finished for about... Six years now.

It's Ben's 1st birthday quilt. Here's a picture:

Actually, since it's taken me SO long, it's now too small for him so I'm thinking I'm going to turn it into a book. Only I'm not quite sure how to make the pages. I'm thinking I will just back each patch with a piece of white fabric, but then that makes me think... What if I got a picture of each person (at least the special people) and Ben at that age and had it printed on the white fabric and then sewed it so it was across from the patch they made?But that seems like a lot of work. I wonder if I could somehow mount the patches on paper and put them in a scrapbook and then just get a print and glue it in beside each patch. That would be way easier...

So anyways, there's this one patch on the quilt:

Which totally reminded me of this:

Oh man, I love Trogdor the Burninator. Burninating the thatch-roofed cottageeeeeeeeeeees! I had to post him here. I wonder if I have before? (I'll have to do a search after I post this.) I posted him on facebook today, but some of you (Shirley) aren't doing facebook, so I thought you'd like to know what's going on.

Anyways, he's a blast from the past, and still makes me laugh my head off.
I should have LOL Sunday once a week hey? That would be fun. I was thinking of writing this post with a whole bunch of things that make me lol, like that one part in Star Wars... But maybe I should drag it out. For a while. Until I get sick of it.

Thatch-roofed cottageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


  1. That is awesome, Becky! So, were all these quilting blocks made by children? If so, that's even more awesome!

  2. So, I guess that means I don't have to feel so bad for not finishing Logan's quilt yet, since he's only three. I have three years to go! LOL
    It wouldn't be that hard to make it into a book and to put the pictures with the pages. The hardest part is the thinking beforehand to arrange the pages the way you want them so that they get sewn together in the order you like and facing the right picture. I pinned page numbers to the pieces to keep things in order and checked it several times before beginning sewing. Mine didn't have photos or anything, it was a vogue pattern for an activity book (snaps, ties, braiding, zippers, etc.), but I wanted mine a very particular way. The "binding strip was sewn on to each set of pages and I used grommets and laced it together. I will try to remember to take a picture and show you. I think a book is a great idea! The photo fabric is a little spendy, but you could buy a few at a time.


  3. Huh.

    I totally remember that Bendor square. And I totally thought that came from your creative brain. All these years, I thought it was you.

    Gotta tell you... I'm a little let down.


    Hedinned - " Oh no HEDINNED just burn down those cottegeeeeeeees."


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