Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I got nothing. And I've been meaning to write a post for a few days now, but seriously. Nothing.

So I'm going to tell you that I bought four pairs of shoes this week. So far. (Don't tell Glen.) For a while now I've been needing to get a new pair of sneakers, that aren't sneakers, to wear to soccer practice and grocery shopping. I was thinking of something along the lines of this:

But I seriously couldn't find anything even close in Regina OR Saskatoon. As usual all the summer stuff comes out in January or February and so it was impossible to find any version of these that weren't made of mesh, or open backed. So I bought these:

Just because they are froinking cute and I fell in love and couldn't resist them. And then I went to Walmart, and because I was in the shoe department hoping maybe I could find a cheap version of the Skechers I wanted, I ended up buying these for no real reason except I liked them and they were cheap:

Plus I dig the bottoms:
But I was still discouraged. I still don't have anything to wear to soccer practice and grocery shopping with my sweatpants. So I went where I always go when I can't find what I want in Saskatchewan stores... Online. To the Skechers website specifically. And I fell head over heels (lol, heels) in love with these:

But too bad for me because Skechers doesn't ship to Canada, and the Canadian Skechers site doesn't have them. And just to rub salt in the wound I found these too:

Sigh. Most perfect flip flops EVER. And have I ever told you that I have a thing for flip flops? Ho man, do I ever. And these are called "love song". And they're not available on the Canadian website.

But wait! I found them on amazon! But NO! They don't have my size. But wait! Here they are again! But NO! Again, not my size. This went on for quite a while. Hours actually. Until finally. I found the grey mary janes on amazon in my size (I'm tracking the shipment, they're already in Winnipeg.) And then I found the flip flops on some other random shoe site. Hurrah!

Now I wait.

(All shoe pictures, other than the Walmart shoes, are clickable. In case you feel the need to shoe shop. Although, I will warn you, once you start... You saw what happened to me. Reminder: Don't tell Glen.)


  1. I really - REALLY - didn't need to know that the photos are links. Blast it all. Don't tell Peter.

  2. Oh man I just love me some shoes! I am starting to become a shoe person. I have 6 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots and 1 pair of flip flops. But I have to say it is a good thing we have different tastes in shoes or I would be clicking those pictures. I am also too afraid to buy shoes online.

  3. LOLlolLOL! Ah man. I missed you BEFORE I read this. Now I REALLY miss you.

    PS. I hate shoe shopping. Almost as much as I hate Bra shopping. Maybe more.

  4. I know you hate shoe shopping. I have been trying to puzzle out a way to change this for years now.

  5. Oh and Carrie, now you have me curious and I'm going to need you to write a post about what kind of shoes you DO like. I need to know this. NEED. TO. KNOW.

  6. Shoes = torture chambers.

    Just saying.


  7. But I'm looking online, now, too. But don't know if I dare buy online. My feet are so irritating to fit.


    my dear little wookem! lol

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh! A shoes post! I think that sounds like a great idea. It will be done... when I have time. DO NOT LET ME FORGET.


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