We Wants It. We Needs It.

We must have the Precious. So bright... So beautiful... Ahhhhhh, Precious.


  1. LOVE the green one. I did NOT need to see that. I gave up facebook, and have taken up online shopping instead. S:

  2. The green one is (sadly) out of stock. But, oh, I wants it. I wrote the people selling them on ebay and they said to check back in a week or two and then... If it's in stock... It will be my own. My precious.

    If not there's another one I'm seriously considering. Actually, I may even like it better than this one. That I neeeeeeeeeeeeed.

    I've given up junk food, and have amped up my online shopping instead. It's a problem. I'd say don't tell Glen, but he is well aware of it as he is the one who pays the credit card bills that come in every month.

  3. (I should price out gym memberships. Because I bet I'm only spendi... No, I'll be honest. I'm spending more. Again, don't tell Glen. Because he already knows.)

  4. I love LOTR. And the green one. :)

  5. You need the green one to replace the green one that you have. LOL


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