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Thirty Day Thursday: Six

On time!

A song that reminds you of somewhere:

This song reminds me of sitting at the front of a cruise ship, a little one, with my feet up on the railing, and the wind blowing in my hair... Wait. My hair was in braids... And the sun scalding the parts of my scalp showing because of all the braids in my hair. (Ho man, that was a bad sunburn. Never do that. Never agree to let some woman on the beach in Acapulco braid your hair and then go on a three hour cruise of the bay without a hat or sunscreen. Unless you like picking loonie-sized pieces of skin off your head on the flight home.)Anyways, I was on a boat, the sun was shining, there was a soft breeze that smelled like the ocean, I was with some of my very favourite people, and this song came on. Some of the people on the boat started dancing. It was perfect.

Here's a picture of the noodle-head family swimming in the pool on the boat. (WAY too cold for me. I waited and swam off the back of the boat when we stopped for a bit in the m…

Thirty Day Thursday: Five (on Tuesday)

I'm so late that I'm almost early.

A song that reminds you of someone. That one's hard. Because there are a hundred songs that remind me of a hundred people. This is one of my favourite's though.

It reminds me of my dad. And driving to the lake. When I listen to it I can see myself sitting in the back of the supercab, looking out the window watching the trees go by with my dad singing in the front seat. I can look to where he's sitting and watch his hands make small adjustments to the steering wheel as we drive down the highway with the camper on the back of the truck and the windows rolled open. Ang is in the front with Mom and Dad, and Mikey is in the middle of the back seat because Johnnie and I are older, so we always get the window seats. I would like to be that little girl again for a while. Safe and secure, with only good things in the world and nothing to make me sad or scared because Dad is at the wheel.

(It also kind of makes me think of my Uncle Jake, for o…

Sunday is Funday: 4.2

I was reading up on tornadoes tonight. I have this fascination with them. (And a deep fear mixed with crazed paranoia.) All the news stories I've been watching this week are going to give me nightmares for sure. I dream about tornadoes all the time. ALL the time. I like to feed my fear of tornadoes with lots of pictures and videos. It's a sickness.

Anyways, as I was reading articles about tornadoes tonight, I came across an article on waterspouts, which reminded me of the time I saw one on Ispuchaw lake. Actually, it was the time we saw one. We being Dad and me. (And maybe Glen or Ang. I can't remember for sure. If they're reading this they can tell us if they remember it happening. I'm pretty sure mom was on the shore with Roscoe the first and Brent, because I remember telling them about it afterwards.) (Roscoe was totally blown away and said he'd never heard anything like it.)

What I do remember is that my Uncle Kent was skiing behind Dad's awesome boat at …

Sunday is Funday: Four

She'd do this for HOURS I'm sure. I love it too, but I get tired of it after about the seventh time. She comes running from wherever she is in the house when she hears the music playing... Just like I used to when... But I'll save that story for another time. ;)

Thirty Day Thursday: Four (on friday)

I missed it!

A song that makes you sad. Here it is a day late:

I put this song on my Christmas CD the year it came out, 2006. (If you've never listened to Sarah McLachlan's Christmas CD, you are missing out.) I remember driving to Martensville the year of Dad's last Christmas, and putting my Christmas CD in the player. And then this song came on. I hadn't really thought about the words before, I just thought it was pretty, but I thought about them that day and cried. Thinking that maybe I would know exactly how the lyrics really feel before too long. And brushing off that thought. Telling myself he'd be here. Next Christmas. And the next.

Just the piano intro is enough to reduce me to tears now. I love this song. I love it. It says exactly how I feel and it's so beautiful. It makes me so so so sad, but it is really beautiful. Just the way life is sometimes, really sad, but still really beautiful.

(Do you know? When I watch this video I still don't quite believe…

It Starts With An S Right Here...

I'm going to get the whining over with first. Here goes:

On days like today I miss my dad so much. And it's not like he could have done anything. And actually, I probably wouldn't have even called him about it, I would have called my mom. But he would have been there, and if everything really did get so bad that I needed actual help or advice... He would have helped. Moms listen. Dads do.

I didn't need a doer today, but there's something about knowing that person is out there that makes a huge difference.

I miss him.I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him. I want my dad and I can't have him, and I can't stop thinking about how much I miss him. That's all.

Now, to reward you for sitting through that, I have some BIG news. It's ever-so-slightly old news, but not so old that some of you won't think it's new news.

Have I ever mentioned my teeth on here? If I haven't, it's not because it's a trivial matter to me. It's a veryNOT-…

Happy Birthday Hannah!

It is so weird to think that two years ago at this time I was in a hospital bed, with Hannah in a little see-through bassinet beside me, all new and tiny. And Mom and Dad were at our house. Those were happy times. So were these.

But I would totally go back, if I could...

Thirty Day Thursday: Three

A song that makes me happy? Easy.

The song is so fantastic that it makes me happy on it's own, but when you add in Gene Kelly (hawt), and that it's from one of my very favourite musicals of all time... It makes me happy. It almost always makes me cry, I'm so happy when I watch it.

☺(See? Happy.)