Happy Birthday Hannah!

It is so weird to think that two years ago at this time I was in a hospital bed, with Hannah in a little see-through bassinet beside me, all new and tiny. And Mom and Dad were at our house. Those were happy times. So were these.

But I would totally go back, if I could...


  1. Wish I could have got her some fairy dust for her birthday. I bet that would have made her very happy.

  2. Your children are so flipping adorable it is ridiculous. I also can't believe that she's two.

  3. Wow, two!!! They grow up way too fast! Happy Birthday Hannah!

  4. Aww, happy birthday to your little one!

  5. I don't want Hannah to be two. That means Bella is two this summer and THAT. IS. NOT. OK.

    Who sanctioned this? I want to speak to some supervisor. I want my baby back.

    Also, I want Tasha decorations. NOT Backyardigans, just Tasha. Or at least mostly Tasha. Can't find them ANYWHERE online - but if you can, I'll send you a dollar.


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