It Starts With An S Right Here...

I'm going to get the whining over with first. Here goes:

On days like today I miss my dad so much. And it's not like he could have done anything. And actually, I probably wouldn't have even called him about it, I would have called my mom. But he would have been there, and if everything really did get so bad that I needed actual help or advice... He would have helped. Moms listen. Dads do.

I didn't need a doer today, but there's something about knowing that person is out there that makes a huge difference.

I miss him.I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him. I want my dad and I can't have him, and I can't stop thinking about how much I miss him. That's all.

Now, to reward you for sitting through that, I have some BIG news. It's ever-so-slightly old news, but not so old that some of you won't think it's new news.

Have I ever mentioned my teeth on here? If I haven't, it's not because it's a trivial matter to me. It's a very NOT-trivial matter to me. I had these two baby teeth that never fell out. The adult teeth were there, impacted in the roof of my mouth, and the baby teeth just never fell out. So I was always self-conscious about my smile. Especially when the baby teeth started to chip and rot. Not pretty. Teeny teeth were bad enough. Teeny, broken, and brown teeth were so much worse.

And I thought about it ALL. THE. TIME. I would say, on average, I thought about my teeth every five minutes or so. Really. I was always running my tongue over them, the broken bits were sharp, and so I could never forget that I had an ugly smile. And who wants an ugly smile?

And the thing is, I have a thing about teeth. I actually brushed my teeth so much at one time that I had to have skin from the roof of my mouth grafted onto my gum line because I was scrubbing my gums away. I brush. Lots. And I floss. And use mouthwash. I'm very meticulous, and having rotten teeth drove me crazy. So two Christmases ago I finally had them pulled out. And the adult teeth got cut out. So then I had these gaps. Also not pretty. I've gotten pretty good at smiling with my mouth closed, even though I'm not a smile-with-your-mouth-closed type of gal.

But last week, my loooooooooooooooooooooong wait for adult teeth finally ended.

Here's the before:
And the after:
The cold sore really adds to it I think, but isn't it super? I can smile in pictures now without worrying about my gaps.

... And it's a mile to the other ear! A smile goes a long, long way. Hurrah!


  1. BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! (Not that you didn't always look beautiful, but now I know you FEEL beautiful too!)

    I am SO HAPPY for you!!!


  2. I have been looking at all your pictures for so long, and because I know how you feel about your teeth (I LOATHE MINE!) I keep waiting to see the teeth smile.

    It's gorgeous.

  3. I'm with Melanie. Also being self-conscious about my fangs, I know a bit how you feel, too. But your teeth look wonderful! I am so happy that you can now smile with teeth (not that you couldn't before, but now you want to... you know what I mean, right?). :D

  4. SO AWESOME!!! I'm thrilled for you and you look beautiful. :)


  5. Awesome!!! You look beautiful either way but if you are happier with the teeth, then I am happier too. I can't wait to see you on the 30th. Sheila said something about getting together with us at some point. I am so excited to be moving.

  6. Oh man... I cried the first time I saw that tooth-filled grin!
    The confidence and radiance on your countenance is what filled me to overflowing! I still remember... it was AWESOME!!

  7. Every now and then I still catch myself feeling self conscious if I accidentally smile with my teeth showing, and then I remember, I can totally smile with my teeth showing!!!

  8. Nice smile.
    Now...for the captcha word used in a sentence.


    I did emo for awhile, but I'm all better now.

  9. LOL. Best one EVER.


    I joined a bra cult once, my cup runneth over. Surely underwire and wide straps shall uphold me all the days of my life.

  10. Bra cult, huh? LOL...So the underwire was meant as a torture device devised by your bra cult? I have never actually used an underwire bra, but it sounds uncomfortable. And my straps are totally cool because they are not adjustable, therefore they never adjust themselves, like so many bra straps do. my word WAS 'emonwa'...and I had a great use for you will see. In the meantime, however, I accidentally refreshed the page and now it is 'pined'.

    Soooooooooooooooo...I used to belong to emo northwest association, but I found I pined for the days when I could just smile for no reason, so I quit. LOL

  11. LOL

    *high fives*

    I lurv you.

  12. (No word verification this time because I'm signed in now. La boo. La hoo.) (That was French at the end there. Impressive hey? I'm totally bilingual.)

  13. Beautiful even with the cold sore.

  14. Beautiful!! before and after!
    ... but I know how you feel when you finally get rid of ugly teeth.
    Hap,hap,happy for you!!!!!


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