Sunday is Funday: 4.2

I was reading up on tornadoes tonight. I have this fascination with them. (And a deep fear mixed with crazed paranoia.) All the news stories I've been watching this week are going to give me nightmares for sure. I dream about tornadoes all the time. ALL the time. I like to feed my fear of tornadoes with lots of pictures and videos. It's a sickness.

Anyways, as I was reading articles about tornadoes tonight, I came across an article on waterspouts, which reminded me of the time I saw one on Ispuchaw lake. Actually, it was the time we saw one. We being Dad and me. (And maybe Glen or Ang. I can't remember for sure. If they're reading this they can tell us if they remember it happening. I'm pretty sure mom was on the shore with Roscoe the first and Brent, because I remember telling them about it afterwards.) (Roscoe was totally blown away and said he'd never heard anything like it.)

What I do remember is that my Uncle Kent was skiing behind Dad's awesome boat at the time. And I was riding in the back spotting. And suddenly, behind Uncle Kent, on the other side of the lake I see this... Thing. It looked like aliens were sucking the water up through a tube into the clouds. I immediately pointed it out to my dad, who stopped watching where he was going to turn backwards and stare at it in amazement. And I yelled at him, "LET'S DRIVE UNCLE KENT THROUGH IT!!!!!"

So, of course, Dad's eyes immediately lit with joy at the image of driving Uncle Kent through a tornado on the lake, and he cranked the wheel around and turned the boat towards the waterspout. lol. I think he may have sped up a little too, which resulted in a couple quick thumbs downs from Uncle Kent who had no idea what was happening till it was all over, and couldn't figure out why we were flying across the lake now at top speed. Oh man. It is TOO BAD that that thing dissipated before we got there. There were still some pretty intense waves left to mess him up with, but no spout. :(

(I have so many happy memories of that lake. So many happy DAD memories there.)

I still wonder, when I think of that day, what would have happened if we'd managed to get Uncle Kent to the spout in time....


  1. holy smokes, i have never heard this story. lol.

  2. Have have this recurring dream about a tornado and how I am trying to leave the windows open a crack to depressurize the house. And then I quickly try to get everyone in the basement. Usually I'm a little kid and incharge!? The window thing is kind of stupid, b/c if that tornado hit the house, it would blow up anyway!

  3. I remember your dad telling this story like only he could. Funny, funny, funny!
    Hey, Have you ever watched "storm chasers"? amazing tornado footage!

  4. Did you guys get a picture of it? Somehow I am thinking there was a photo of it but I may not be remembering correctly. If there is one you took it. That is very possible cause we often took pictures of the person on the skis.

  5. Did I ever tell you the story of Adrian in a F2 tornado a few summers ago? Yowsa.


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