Thirty Day Thursday: Five (on Tuesday)

I'm so late that I'm almost early.

A song that reminds you of someone. That one's hard. Because there are a hundred songs that remind me of a hundred people. This is one of my favourite's though.

It reminds me of my dad. And driving to the lake. When I listen to it I can see myself sitting in the back of the supercab, looking out the window watching the trees go by with my dad singing in the front seat. I can look to where he's sitting and watch his hands make small adjustments to the steering wheel as we drive down the highway with the camper on the back of the truck and the windows rolled open. Ang is in the front with Mom and Dad, and Mikey is in the middle of the back seat because Johnnie and I are older, so we always get the window seats. I would like to be that little girl again for a while. Safe and secure, with only good things in the world and nothing to make me sad or scared because Dad is at the wheel.

(It also kind of makes me think of my Uncle Jake, for obvious reasons if you have ever heard my Uncle Jake sing.)


  1. Oh Man does that bring back a lot of memories. Grandma & Grandpa singing together in the car with all us kids laying helter skeltor in the back of the station wagon, what a wonderful way to fall asleep! And I can so hear your dad singing this. And uncle Jake.

    best Word verification ever... "beksi"


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