Thirty Day Thursday: Four (on friday)

I missed it!

A song that makes you sad. Here it is a day late:

I put this song on my Christmas CD the year it came out, 2006. (If you've never listened to Sarah McLachlan's Christmas CD, you are missing out.) I remember driving to Martensville the year of Dad's last Christmas, and putting my Christmas CD in the player. And then this song came on. I hadn't really thought about the words before, I just thought it was pretty, but I thought about them that day and cried. Thinking that maybe I would know exactly how the lyrics really feel before too long. And brushing off that thought. Telling myself he'd be here. Next Christmas. And the next.

Just the piano intro is enough to reduce me to tears now. I love this song. I love it. It says exactly how I feel and it's so beautiful. It makes me so so so sad, but it is really beautiful. Just the way life is sometimes, really sad, but still really beautiful.

(Do you know? When I watch this video I still don't quite believe this really happened to our family. I look at the pictures, and it just seems... Like he can't really be gone.)


  1. Crying.

    More often than not, I still can't believe it either.

    I love you.

  2. Oh Becky...I'm so, so, so sorry...


  3. The reality of your dad being gone just hit me today, watching this video. I don't think I believed it until right now. You did a beautiful job making it, what great memories. I am now sitting here, soaked in tears, with a sad, heavy heart. Sending lots of love to you through prayers, and that our heavenly father will continue to hold you and bring you comfort.

    Amy Michelle

  4. This really is a very sad song. It is so hard to believe sometimes that we really lost him.
    The picture of you kissing him goodbye in Seattle is about the saddest one ever. It literally causes pain in my heart. Most of the pictures are good memories but not that one.


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