Thirty Day Thursday: Six

On time!

A song that reminds you of somewhere:

This song reminds me of sitting at the front of a cruise ship, a little one, with my feet up on the railing, and the wind blowing in my hair... Wait. My hair was in braids... And the sun scalding the parts of my scalp showing because of all the braids in my hair. (Ho man, that was a bad sunburn. Never do that. Never agree to let some woman on the beach in Acapulco braid your hair and then go on a three hour cruise of the bay without a hat or sunscreen. Unless you like picking loonie-sized pieces of skin off your head on the flight home.)
Anyways, I was on a boat, the sun was shining, there was a soft breeze that smelled like the ocean, I was with some of my very favourite people, and this song came on. Some of the people on the boat started dancing. It was perfect.

Here's a picture of the noodle-head family swimming in the pool on the boat. (WAY too cold for me. I waited and swam off the back of the boat when we stopped for a bit in the middle of the bay.) I wish I had a better picture to post from that day, but all my pictures are at home in Yorkton, so I stole this one off of Ariane's facebook page.

I put those pigtails in Ariane's hair. And see Liishy's hair? That's what mine looked like. You'll be relieved to know Liishy wore a hat and did not burn herself like I did. And like Glen, who didn't burn his scalp, but burnt the front, and ONLY the front, of his body. It looked AWESOME.

Ahhhhhhh... That was a good day. I wish I were there right now.
(If you didn't guess it, this song reminds me of Acapulco.)


  1. Days like that always happen somewhere else, why is that? I so love those days though - where all of a sudden you don't take anything for granted, and things are perfect and you know it. I'm sure I've had lots of those moments that I didn't realize until later when I looked back on them, but I love the ones where you know it.

    I have an Enrique song for one of those moments too. I wonder if it's some kind of marketing conspiracy on his part? I wouldn't put it past him. He looks sneaky. And kind of sexy but that's beside the point. Wait. I don't think I had a point. Sigh.


  2. Actually, I've had lots of days that perfect, and MORE perfect right here in Saskatchewan. LOTS.

    I'm a very "in the moment" person though. Especially since Dad got sick. I've always been good at noticing when those days are happening, but when Dad got sick we all had to get very good at appreciating happy days.


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