Thirty Day Thursday: Eight (Late)

(But it's not my fault I'm late because Blogger was down yesterday.)

Here it is: A song I know all the words to.

I know all the words to A LOT of songs. Like A VERY BIG LOT. Seriously. I was trying to think of how many songs and it was getting to a crazy high number that seemed unbelievable even to me, who knows all the words to lots of songs.

This one is one of my favourites to sing... Especially to the version on Concert in the Park. It's a little faster, and funner. (Let me just say here, that the people who got to go to either of the concerts in the park were lucky bastards.)

I also picked it because seriously, I think this may be the best music video of ALL TIME.
Of. All. Time.
So enjoy it. And sing along if you know all the words.

Chevy knows all the words too.

(Also, Mabel please tell me Scotty has seen this before, and if he hasn't, would you consider video taping him watching it for the first time and post it somewhere for Glen and me? We're pretty sure the video of Scotty watching it may be almost as funny as the video itself.)


  1. Lololololol. The best part is when he is dancing when the little guy is playing the instruments. And how much shorter the little guy is. Haha. Oh man. When was this video released? I should have been an adult then. I could have been famous.

  2. THE LITTLE GUY?!?!?!?!?!?

    Oh Carrie. Carrie!

    The little guy is Paul frickin' Simon. Please never forget it again, or I may have to pretend we're not related.

    The little guy? *shakes head in mournful/appalled fashion*

  3. Yeah Carrie...C'mon...Everyone knows that's Paul frickin'Simon...Especially me...Yeah...

    That was amazing though. Loved it!

  4. ROTFL. Too funny...the video and the comments.



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