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I'm a Pain in the A$$

This is a long one. And I'm mostly posting it for Ang who missed all the action because, unlike yours truly, she has a life outside of facebook...

It all started with me being choked that Canada Post won't allow their workers to work overtime to catch up on all the deliveries they missed during the strike, and more importantly lockout. Which I wouldn't care about as much if I wasn't waiting for my sports bra.

Canada Post deleted the only link I could find to email them when they locked out their workers. And it was too late to phone. (Don't worry, I called them the next day.) So I went on facebook to find a place to rant. (Which actually has a purpose besides venting, since I'm sure their public relations people must monitor facebook and places like it.)

Anywho... I posted the following post and a link to a CBC news story on an "I hate Canada Post" page:

Becky Willems
I am REALLY starting to HATE Canada Post. They have no interest in their staff or the Can…


There comes a point in every parent's life, when they realize that someone could be secretly video taping them. Has that happened to you yet? You're out in public with your child and they are making you crazy for one reason or another, and you just... can't... seem... to get control of the situation. And this image pops into your brain of your neighbour shaking his head while he gets the video camera, and then the video hitting YouTube, and suddenly you're on the news trying to explain why you were making your child cry hysterically while "teaching" him to ride a bike.

Not that I've ever felt that, or thought that. Oh no, I've never wailed in frustration in the middle of the street, panting and sweaty from running, and frustrated, "BEN!!! JUST!!! BALANCE!!! WHY CAN'T YOU BALANCE?!?!" I've never reduced my seven-year-old to tears by telling him that I learned to ride a bike when I was four, and that everyone can do this, so he certainl…

That Girl's a Running Fool

Okay. I would have sworn that this couldn't happen, in fact... HOW did this happen?

But I've been running. And not hating it. I started with walking. My top speed was 3.5 miles an hour. I never walk 3.5 miles an hour now. That's way too slow. Now my resting speed is 3.7 or 3.8 miles an hour. And lately I've been actually running. When I started running I could run for one or two minutes at a time, and that's it. Then a week ago I made it to ten minutes. Tonight I was hoping to make it twenty minutes, but when I got there... I did ten more. THIRTY MINUTES! And I could have probably ran more! I wasn't dying!

I really don't know how this happened, because I hate exercise... Scratch that. I hatED exercise. My whole life I've hated exercise. And somewhere along the way I started almost sort of LIKING it. I love my treadmill. It's changing my life. It helps that I have goals. I'm more excited about being a runner than losing weight, which, let me tell …

Sunday is Funday: Five

I forgot I have a blog for a while there. Whoops.

Today we had some friends over for a belated b-day party for their kids and ours. Because we missed their kids' birthday and they missed ours. It was mucho fun. I think this should become an annual event.

I love them. After they left (and after I got back from following them home to their house to get a free new bike for Hannah) I just felt so grateful. We have lovely friends. (LOTS of lovely friends.) And these particular friends are always there for us.

You know friends who come into your life that turn into a second family? That's what these friends are. I love them and I trust them the same way I trust my own family. I'm sure I drive them crazy sometimes, but they put up with me and rescue me when I need it. (Way too many times lately.) And we have so much fun together. And I love watching our kids grow up together. They love each other too. So being with them is pretty much totally fantastic.

So that's all this post is…