I'm a Pain in the A$$

This is a long one. And I'm mostly posting it for Ang who missed all the action because, unlike yours truly, she has a life outside of facebook...

It all started with me being choked that Canada Post won't allow their workers to work overtime to catch up on all the deliveries they missed during the strike, and more importantly lockout. Which I wouldn't care about as much if I wasn't waiting for my sports bra.

Canada Post deleted the only link I could find to email them when they locked out their workers. And it was too late to phone. (Don't worry, I called them the next day.) So I went on facebook to find a place to rant. (Which actually has a purpose besides venting, since I'm sure their public relations people must monitor facebook and places like it.)

Anywho... I posted the following post and a link to a CBC news story on an "I hate Canada Post" page:

Becky Willems
I am REALLY starting to HATE Canada Post. They have no interest in their staff or the Canadian public.
"Some carriers complained they were not allowed to work overtime to restore service faster. Canada Post, however, said it’s too early to know if overtime is needed."
Too soon?!?!?! Our mail is weeks late already you jerks. Pay out some frickin' overtime.
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Then some other people posted some comments. (Feel free to skim.)

Angela Angelas do you really want them banking in on the strike? i don't. i'd rather wait than let them make even more undeserved $$
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Ronda Harrison Seriously? You are blaming the workers for this???!!
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Ronda Harrison Workers putting money into a pension for years and then being told that they don't have one because management screwed up. Then they are told they have to make less per hour and then they are locked out. You are blaming the workers. Awesome.
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Angela Angelas
blaming the workers? kind of. i can't think of a single canadian i know personally around my age that has guaranteed pension. doesn't just about everybody pay into it - how many are GUARANTEED to have it (that do not work at canada post)?
same in the states. you pay social security from job 1 till the end; you're still not guaranteed to get social security benefits.
why are postal workers held in higher regard than rest of the workers in the country? after all, it's well documented that they're working for a dying company; right?
the latest proposition was for NEW HIREES, not current. current staff making the outrageous $23+/hr were safe. anyone hired after the deal was signed/accepted would be let in at a different rate. what's so bad about that? it's a business trying to compete without going bankrupt.
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Sylvia J. Wilson They cannot take away your pension. What they offered was you had to work until age 60 instead of 55 in order to get it. They CAN'T touch or reduce existing workers wages only new hirees. If there'd been no strike, there would have been no lockout. The blame has to shared.
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Sylvia J. Wilson The workers voted yes to the strike or the Union couldn't have proceeded to start with.
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Becky Willems The difference is the workers cared enough about the customers to only impose rolling strikes. Canada Post locked them out, and now won't even let them work overtime to make up some of the lost time.
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Then Sylvia posted about four more comments, and since I was already sick of reading her literally (seriously, go look, LITERALLY) hundreds of comments on any page relating to Canada Post anywhere I responded:

Becky Willems All right Sylvia. We heard you. EVERYONE has heard you over and over. I started reading your insane amount of comments over on the Canada Post page and I'm pretty much done. I'm not even reading your comments anymore. Just deleting them. But feel free to keep posting them here... It gives me something to do.
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Becky Willems lol. This is fun. Do it again.
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Becky Willems Not even reading it. lol
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Ronda Harrison Lol, Becky! Love it!
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Angela Angelas sylvia, when they begin to ignore you that's when you know you hit a chord that they can't argue with. :) keep it up!!
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Becky Willems Nope. It means it has become more fun to delete the same arguments over and over than it is to read them. (You'll notice I left her original arguments there.) But by all means, like Angela says, keep it up!!!
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Becky Willems And another one bites the dust!
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Becky Willems And another!
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Becky Willems Weeeeee!
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Becky Willems lol
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This ticked off Sylvia in a big way and started up a (unbeknownst to me) firestorm of ranting and conspiracy theories over on the "I hate Canada Post" page. (Denita clued me in this morning. She has my undying gratitude as this allowed me to drag out one day's worth of amusement into two.)

Sylvia J. Wilson
Becky Willems. Are you the administrator on this page?
Angela Angelas if she is and she's deleting your comments, i'm confused as to why she made a "i hate canada post" page.

This is funny because I actually don't totally disagree with Sylvia on all of her points. Her know-it-all style blabbing just annoyed me to no end. I'm not sure why that's so confusing. I thought I'd made myself perfectly clear...

Sylvia J. Wilson I agree with you Angela. She can't even answer a simple yes or no whether she is an administrator on this page. Therefore, she can continue to play her little game all she wants. However, I won't lower myself to play with her. Therefore, I will no longer be posting on this page.
15 hours ago ·
Angela Angelas that's a shame. there were very valid points mentioned throughout the page. i noticed all of the union member posts are gone, too.
14 hours ago · · 2 people
I hate Canada Post I'm the administrator, not this Becky girl, and I have not removed any post. I will look in to what post are missing. please let me know if it keeps happening and I'll remove who's needs to be removed. sorry that you were having troubles with my page :(
3 hours ago

LOLOLOLOL. So many things to mock, so little time...
"Who's." Oh man.

Sylvia J. Wilson Let us know how you make out. If she is not the administrator she has to be removing them by marking them as spam.
2 hours ago ·
Becky Willems You poor confused people.
I did not do anything sneaky, I'm not some kind of super smart hacker. Here's a little facebook tutorial for you:
You can remove any COMMENT written on anything YOU post on any page on facebook. You can't remove other people's POSTS unless you own the page. For example: "I hate Canada Post" was able to delete my original post because they own the page, and I was able to delete Sylvia's comments because I posted the link. Their page, their choice to delete posts, comments, whatever... My link, my post, my choice to delete comments.
Now, to complete the lesson, you can try it out Sylvia since this is a comment on YOUR post!
Don't worry, I won't take it personally. Honestly, if I'd known how sensitive you all were I might have reconsidered before clicking that first X. (lol. Hope that helps.)

Except, of course, I wouldn't have reconsidered. I just said that to make them feel better, and then I ruined it by writing lol. If I thought I could somehow find another Sylvia, I'd go do it all over again on another page... Now things get a little mixed up as they were writing lots of things on lots of different posts. This one comes next I think:

I hate Canada Post
it has been brought to my attention that some ppl are having post removed I'm not sure how this is happening as I am not doing it, but I will be looking into it, and if anyone is removing others posts they will be removed from this page. this page is ment to allow free speach on the whole Canada post Drama, and that's it...
3 hours ago
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I find the grammatical errors here very amusing when paired with the lofty ideals expressed. I also find it very amusing that a page entitled "I hate Canada Post" was set up to allow free "speach". That's just good stuff. Here are the comments that resulted:

Carol-Ann Drummond maybe some postie lost them.
3 hours ago
Sylvia J. Wilson
I had several of my posts deleted on the comment thread following this post. Becky herself claims she is deleting them.

Yes. Yes, I do.

At this point Sylvia copies and pastes my post and the resulting comments that you just read above, except for the ones that she and Angela Anglelas (who names their kid that?) wrote and I left up. Then she writes another comment, and another, because that's how she rolls...

Sylvia J. Wilson
I had several posts in between her comments, that are now gone.
Sylvia J. Wilson
I'm open to discussion and debate over these issues, but I don't have time for childish games.
about an hour ago

Nope. She's much too busy. And probably important.

Then I, alerted by Denita, came on the scene. The following comment was actually the first reply I wrote to them, not the one you just read. The one you just read was written after I scanned down the page and realized the full scope of the situation.

Becky Willems
"I hate Canada Post?" The REASON I could delete her comments is because it was MY post not yours. But honestly, I don't really care, you can delete this one too and let Sylvia continue to monopolize the conversations on the Canada Post sit
...e, and now this one. I just wanted a place to rant, not get into a huge nasty debate like over on the Canada Post page.
And Sylvia? ( lol) Life must be hard when you have no sense of humour. Feel free to comment back to this three or four or seven times, as is your policy. I won't be reading it. I wouldn't have even seen this if a friend hadn't pointed it out to me. I DO have time for childish games (LOVE THEM! I'm just about to sit down to a game of Candyland!) but not for getting all worked up over a facebook post. It's just not worth it.
(P.S. Thanks for the hours of entertainment you've provided me with, including this one.)

I was expecting them to block me from the page at this point. Lucky for me they didn't, because I had the chance to post one last comment on a post that Sylvia has put up (now numerous times) on the page about a new page that someone (her?) started. Because this one wasn't cutting it. Neither was the Canada Post one. There needs to be LOTS of pages. This is a critical topic. CRITICAL people.

Sylvia J. Wilson
Canada Post / Union Dispute Opinions
This page is open to discussion on both sides (for or against) The Union or Canada Post's decision to lockout workers during the rotating strike. Please keep it clean - direct attacks will be deleted. This page is for friendly debate only!
Sylvia J. Wilson This is a new page. It has administrators that monitor it daily. They are not with Canada Post or CUPW. Just concerned Canadian Citizens.
37 minutes ago ·
Becky Willems
lol. Way to teach me a lesson Sylvia! You go girl!

There's more happening over on the hate page, I took a peak before I wrote this. And I'm still not blocked, I'm not sure why, I'm wondering if they don't know how? (Maybe another tutorial? No? Yes?) I've managed to stir up quite the ruckus with my wild deleting of comments. Sadly, they deleted the post I wrote
(well, I did kind of dare them) explaining how I was able to do that because they're still in a bit of a dither, and I think maybe they could all calm down if they knew exactly how I managed my act of terrorism. (I read one girl's comment about how people might not feel safe posting on that page now for fear of being mocked, which was probably my favourite comment of the day.)

It was fun times, it's true, but it's probably for the best that there aren't that many Sylvias out there patrolling the hate pages for the greater good and my amusement. I don't think being able to make such a huge pain of myself so easily can possibly be good for me. It could end up being really addicting and who knows where I'd draw the line? Moustaches on those huge billboard real estate agent ads? Just randomly walking around on grass with "Keep Off The Grass" signs? Where does it stop?

Yes, I should probably take a little break from pissing off people on purpose and for no good reason other than my own entertainment. None of us would want that to become a habit. (It's much better that I stick to doing it unintentionally.) But till then, happy trails to you Sylvia, until we meet again.


  1. I don't know how you do it but you always find these people...remember the guy at the superstore parking lot?

  2. She can do it because she is my daughter. You are good at it too Angela. It is genetic.


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