Oh Canada!

Once again, Canada Day proves to be one of our family's favourite fun days of the year here in Yorkton, our home and native land. The first thing Ben asked me this morning was if I would dress him in a Canada shirt "since it's Canada Day!"

(You'd think Ben would know me better by now, wouldn't you?)

True patriot love!

Once we were all appropriately garbed, (all thy sons command) we were off to the WDM here in Yorkton for the annual Canada Day picnic. The kids always have such a great time. There are rides on an antique firetruck, a hay wagon, a horse pulled wagon, and an antique school bus. And we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait in line for very long at all.

With glowing hearts!

And, then there's the thing Sammy has been waiting for since last summer and talking about since the snow first started melting...

That's Sam enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Mount Curly Fries, majestically situated beside the tasty red waters of Ketchup Lake. We see thee rise...

There are always lots of games and things for the kids to do. They had SO much fun.

The true north strong and free. :)

Then it was home with some friends for paddling pool fun, a BBQ, and kite flying. Then a quick trip to Walmart so Ben could buy some Pokemon cards, and finally... God keep our land, (from being burned down by preschoolers with giant sparklers) it was time for fireworks!

I thought they might be too scared to hold them, but I should have known better.
Glorious and free baby!

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!


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