Fantastically Awful

That's how I'd describe Twilight: Breaking Dawn. If I'd never read the books I don't think I could have made it through, but since I have, and since (embarrassing confession) I really liked the books, I had a pretty good time at the movies tonight. I'd even say I got my money's worth.

It helped that parts of the movie that were meant to be dramatic and stirring could be cut and pasted unedited into a comedy, and people would laugh instead of stare transfixed by the heartrending story being played out onscreen. For real. I snorted. And not when I was supposed to.

Good times. Not as exciting as
last time, but still, goooooooood times.

Oh, and one more thing. I can't help it people. I'm still on team Edward. I think in large part because tonight I finally figured out who Jacob reminds me of:

Don't see it? How 'bout now?

Still not? All right, then how about... Now?

Really? Whatever. I see it. Which makes team Jacob a complete impossibility for me. Not because looking like my cousin Jack makes him ugly or anything, but just because it makes him look like... My cousin. Jack.


  1. All I can say is...

    LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOOROFLROFLOLOLOL Oh man, that is amazing. I never thought about it, but... huh. It's true. Not that I ever thought Taylor Lautner was attractive, and maybe that's why. It was a subconscious thing. Woah.

  2. As I was putting up these photos, all I thought was, "Carrie is going to think this is so funny."

    You never let me down. :)

  3. I just looked at post again and laughed so hard. Then I got Kyle to look at it and we both laughed SO HARD. And then I saw this comment and... well, you get the idea. And I saw Jack today and forgot to tell him about it. FRIIICCCKKKK. So funny. This might be my all-time favourite post.

  4. I've never loved such awful books and movies as much as these before. It's sad. I blame Jon.

    Sheri K


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