Spiral Fracture

Four months. To the day! Yikes. Poor lonely blog.

Let's start out the way we ended. With a super fun photo summing up today's big events.

Ang would have liked it if I'd taken a photo of my ankle turned in a way that only Gumby's ankle should turn, and honestly, it DID occur to me... But even crazy-camera Becky has her limits.

On the upside, this will probably leave me LOTS of time for NaBloPoMo.


  1. That is horrible! but on the upside it is November not July! That would really suck for camping season! And although I feel really bad for you I am looking forward to your blogging this month.

  2. this happened TODAY? see what happens when you leave the computer? arrgh.


  3. I'm so happy so many people are doing this. I'm not even going to kid myself this year, though the amount of crap Bella says could fill a blog. Maybe I should do it on hers, with photos.......
    NO! I can't get caught up with the blogging. AH!

    I'm sorry about your ankle. And laughing about you thinking about getting your camera.

  4. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. How in the world did you manage that? Wow. And we both do it the same day.... it's like we're connected. I'm so glad that you're gonna be NaBloPoMo-ing, too.


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