Tonight one of the girls I "chaperoned" on a trip to California came for a visit and we took the boys and me to see some ambulances and get a tour from the guy who showed up at my house when we called 911 on the day Nablopomo started. Confused? I'll explain.

Wait. First a picture.

That's Cathleen. I chaperoned for Youth For Christ's California Breakaway in 2002. Cathleen was in the group of 7 girls I was uhhhh... in charge? of. I like to think I was in charge, but I probably wasn't. It didn't matter who was in charge though because I had the BEST group of girls EVER. Oh man. We had so much fun. Disney and Sea World and Universal Studios and Six Flags and lots of malls. And some beaches. And then some more malls. But mostly just hanging out with the girls. SO fun. Anyways, a few years ago Facebook worked it's magic and the rest is history.

Here's another picture.

That guy in between Ben and Sam is one of the EMS people who showed up when Glen called 911 because we were pretty sure we couldn't get me to the hospital in our van the morning I broke my ankle. He rode with me in the ambulance, and asked me what my kids dressed up as for Halloween in an effort to distract me from my pain. It didn't work. So he told me a story about the day he got the flu shot and had to do CPR with his sore arm, and his other arm obviously, for 45 minutes. That did the job and got me calmed down.

The next day I was in the hospital in Regina, and of course I posted about it on Facebook, and Cathleen lives in Regina so she came to see me. She's an EMT. And we were laughing about this guy trying to calm me down in the ambulance. And then I told her the story of the flu shot, and what do you know? The same thing happened to one of her friends who is an EMT in Yorkton, which of course would be way too big of a coincidence so we knew her friend was my own distracting EMT.

And she was in town visiting him this weekend, so they took us for a tour of the ambulance place and let the boys turn on the lights and check out the inside of the ambulances. What a nice coincidence.

Isn't how life works out nifty sometimes?

Oh yeah. And Cathleen was working the 911 call center that day. She wasn't the person who picked up, but she heard the call. She assures me that the sound of me screaming in the background was "cute". She also said she had fun Christmas shopping with the family at Walmart tonight, so I'm not sure I can take her word for it. I want a recording. Bad.


  1. How awesome! So weird how things like that happen. The part where you sounded "cute" screaming... LOL. Oh, and can I just say that I really love your hair that length?! It is such curly perfection.


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