I Am SO Bored

Yesterday my doctor told me I should expect that the swelling in my ankle won't go down any time soon. He said it could easily be two weeks.

TWO WEEKS till I can be upright longer than a few minutes? Two weeks till crtuching my way to the bathroom isn't almost too much for me.

It's only TUESDAY.

And season four of the show I was watching is dumb.

So I sent Glen to the store to buy the kids (me) a Wii for Christmas (to take me through the next few weeks). I hope it helps. Because this is the longest week ever. And it's only TUESDAY.


  1. MY GOSH. If my phone was working, I would tell you to call me to we can talk. But it isn't. Kyle forgot to bring it to work with him yesterday. And I'm not holding my breath for having it ready any time soon.

    Watch.... I dunno, I don't watch a lot of TV anymore. The only show I can think of, there's only three episodes. It's called Once Upon a Time. Not super helpful. Oh! Watch Game of Thrones if you haven't yet.

    CAPTCHA: pressess It's how Gollum would say "Precious" if he had a lisp.

  2. Is it still a lisp if you say "s" instead of "sh"?


    CAPTCHA: Spiticat

    It's a Pokemon that's a cat and spits on people. Spiticat, I choose you. Spiticat, use Spit attack!

  3. I have Once Upon a Time on my digital recorder, but the couch is still to uncomfortable for me so I have to wait. And Game of Thrones has to wait till I finish reading it.

    Any others? lol

  4. lol. My boys would love that Pokemon comment.

  5. Maybe you are going to have to up your blog posting to twice a day. :)

  6. If you are getting the Wii, don't forget to get the Wii speak so Ben and I can play Animal Crossing together. Oh...and better buy Animal Crossing. They usually have a package deal for those two things together.
    Just saying.

    I know...start knitting or crocheting something.
    Or...sort and categorize photos.
    I know. Now is a great time to write your first novel. You should have joined NaNoWriMo instead of NaBloPoMo! haha

    Or take some meralin. (my captcha)
    Sounds like it would be something to make you feel really good about everything.

    Please can I renew my prescription to meralin? My Spiticat attacked me. Well, isn't that just pressess?

  7. What are you guys talking about with all those weird words.

  8. LOL @ The Invisible Mo. That last sentence was pure gold.

    I wish I had time to do NaNoWriMo.

    Watch The Mighty Boosh. It's a British show, and it is super frickin bizarre. If you don't like it, it's fine. But I love it. There's only three seasons, though, and they're short. Uhhhhhh.... I'll try and think of more. Or maybe shows that I've wanted to watch and you could watch.

    Captcha: persog

  9. Becky!!! I had no idea! (I guess FB is good for something after all...if I hadn't logged back on I might never have known!lol) I'm SO sorry this happened to you. Sucks eggs. I wish I could come visit and bring you candy. That would help, I'm sure. xoxo

    Sheri Kroeker

  10. Oh, and I recommend Revenge. And Mad Men.


  11. lol @ Sheila. You are SO weird.

    @ Sheri - Do you remember that time we bought all that penny candy and made our selves sick eating it all? Gooooooood times.

    Thanks for all the show recomendations. Even if I don't like them, it will waste a lot of time just checking them out. ;)

  12. Of course I remember!!! You're my 5-cent-candy-friend!! lol



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