I Couldn't Resist

First of all, here's a picture for Carrie of what my toes look like when I get out of bed long enough to go to the bathroom. They're a little purpler in real life. It's disturbing. How come they do that? Why does the blood go to one side and not the other? I should google it. I've got the time.

After I stood long enough to take this picture my leg felt like maybe all the blood inside it was going to finally actually cause my skin to split and I just couldn't resist checking...

So there it is. Ang wanted to see it, so I figured just in case she doesn't make it here this weekend I should take a picture for her. All that stuff that looks like dirt are bruises. They look a lot worse without a flash lighting up my leg, but I couldn't get a better picture, so if Ang wants to see all the glorious shades of green and brown and purple she'll just have to come. No wonder my whole leg hurts.

If you click on the pictures to biggify them
(I don't recomend it though, my leg is getting pretty hairy) you can even see one staple peaking out at the top of the gauze that I was way too chicken to peak under. Plus it's kind of stuck down. Icky. Bruises fascinate me. Incisions freak the crap out of me, and this one goes the whole length of that bandage. I am going to have a pretty cool scar.

Here's the other side. Not so bad, just a little bruised and swollen, but most of the really bad stuff happened on the other side.

Ahhhhhhh... Oh man that felt gooooooooood. I might unwrap it again tonight for a bit. Don't tell my doctor. (I am going to hate getting a real cast next week.)


  1. Come on man! You couldn't have put a warning up!? Like "Hey, Melissa, I know you have a big problem with needles and stitches and things like that, so maybe DON'T SCROLL DOWN!"

    I just got shivers down my spine. Now I'll have to wait a couple minutes for the feeling to come back into my legs so I can stand.


  2. OH MY GOSH. That is so weird, it would probably freak me out.

    And even though they're for Ang, I enjoy the other pictures quite a lot. Not the pain obviously involved. Just the knowing. Dear lord, that looks painful. Yowzers. I feel a little guilty that my ankle is pretty much fine and I can walk properly. Well, almost properly. I think it is honestly because I took such fricking good care of it right after I hurt it. I didn't walk on it at all for two whole days. There was a lot of hopping and/or kneeling on a blanket and pulling myself a long the hardwood floor like a seal. Or no, like a rabbit? If they had slippery feet that they didn't pull off the ground?

    Where's the good captchas? Paggill? Or maybe I'm just too tired.

  3. Lol man that's nasty....I've missed my calling and should have been an orthopedic surgeon.

  4. Ouch!!! that looks painful. I also noticed you are bruised all the way up your thigh!!!! You really did a doozy this time girl! Take it easy!

  5. Holy crap that looks miserable. Poor baby.

    Wait. Um. ??? I live with Bella. She's all I talk to. Ahem. Sorry. And actually, when I'm hurt (and I've never been that hurt except when birthing said child) I'm all for the poor baby bit.


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