I Posted Again

And this is what happened Thursday...

That morning one of the nurses told me that it wasn't uncommon for patients to wait three days for surgery. I lost it a little then. I could MAYBE have waited patiently if my pain had been anywhere close to under control, but it wasn't. And all they kept doing was giving me more morphine. I had no idea a morning could last that long. Those poor nurses. I was a sobbing maniac and there was nothing they could do to help me.

FINALLY at around 1pm the doctor gave the nurses permission to give me hydromorph which is ten times stronger than morphine. Peace. That's what hydromorph means. I could have waited for days on that stuff. It turned out I only waited about ten minutes after that though. I was just finally falling asleep when the porter came for me. Of course.

So I had my surgery, and got to experience again that very odd feeling of being wide awake and talking in one room and two seconds later waking up in a whole new room with a whole new cast and all my bones put back into place and screwed together.

Then there were a few moments of intense agony while I waited for an injection to take effect, and then another injection, and then blessed relief, and some people watching in recovery. What a fun place. I could have stayed there longer. But all too soon it was back upstairs to my room and lots more fantastic pain killers. (Which weren't nearly so necessary now that my bones weren't in the wrong place and constantly shifting around in spite of the crap cast that the people in Yorkton put on me after turning my foot around to face forward again without warning me. That was a long sentence, but they made me suffer some long hours in agony.) I was also treated to some visitors and great nurses and some Taco Time, turning me back into the rational Becky who hadn't been seen since sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

And that was Thursday.


  1. ok i did not get this til now. doing some research on your blog. looks like something terrible has happened! this is terrible!! and does not give you extra time for blogging, at all...who can blog when they are in pain??? do you have the blog address for my sister, i will leave her a note as well.



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