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For those who are curious and want more details about what happened Wednesday, besides me writing the title of this post, read on...

So, on this day, we got up at 5:30 and drove to Regina for an 8:30 appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who told me "I'll see you up in surgery in a couple hours." He also told me once the surgery was done "... in a couple hours," I'd be able to go home the same day. I didn't see him again for much longer than a couple hours, and he was wearing street clothes, not scrubs, when I did.

So... All day I waited on a stretcher in day surgery... In pain because I wasn't allowed to take any pain meds since my surgery would just be "... in a couple hours." The nurses kept thinking I'd be next since I'd been there the longest, and because that's what I'd been told by the doctor, but I wasn't next. By the end of the day I was crying. They were finally allowed to give me some morphine at around supper time when they admitted me to the ortho ward, but it didn't work nearly as well as the pills I had been taking the day before. Of course, I couldn't take anything by mouth anyways, in addition to the fact that new drugs would be coming after the surgery. Which, they told me, would absolutely happen in the early evening. By 11:30 that night, I was finally allowed to eat and drink, once it was confirmed by the OR that after all I wouldn't be going for surgery that day. So I quickly drank and ate as much as I could in half an hour to prepare for the next day's surgery. It was a loooooooong night. I won't go into details, but I hate morphine. It's total crap.

And that was Wednesday.


  1. It's been a while... miss you in the blog word. Wondering how you are doing... Praying for you today.

  2. If anyone has a reason not to post it is you. Hope you are home and concentrating on nothing but getting better.

  3. Yay! NaBloPoMo lives on! LOL.
    So glad you finally got your surgery and are on the mend. And so glad you will have time to blog, too!


  4. You got surgery? For your spiral fracture? Oh man, I am missing out without having Facebook. I feel so detached.

    I'm glad you're gonna be blogging. I wish we could be sitting on the couch together eating Halloween candy and laughing at each other using crutches to get to the bathroom. Or maybe just you at me. I am sure I look pretty ridiculous.

  5. I'm planning on writing actual posts for these titles when I get home from the hospital tomorrow. So you'll be re-attached right away. :)


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