I. Said. NO.

People. I have a question for you.

How would you feel about your mother-in-law folding your panties? Folding. Your panties.

How about if you had told her to leave the laundry alone specifically because you didn't want her even seeing your panties, much less touching them and fricking folding them?

And it's not as if I can't fold laundry. Glen brings it to me, and I fold it. Easy. Or it would be if the MIL didn't ignore what we tell her and rush in there and get it before we can.

She doesn't listen to a word Glen or I say. She's one of those people who would tell you, "No thank you, I'm fine," if you offered her some pie and she really wanted some, but she doesn't want to put you to any trouble. So she thinks we're doing that too. All the time. It doesn't matter how many times we tell her not to do something, she thinks we're lying and we just don't want her to go to any trouble. Add this to the fact that the woman feels that she literally MUST work every single waking moment of every single day and you have yourself a person who will not take no for an answer.

I am so ready for her to leave. I don't care if we all starve, the house turns into a sty, and I have to beat the children with my crutches to get them to listen to me. (Hannah runs from me if she doesn't want to go where I want her to go. She loves that I can't pick her up and take her places. Two-year-olds are really hard to manage when you can't just grab them.)

It doesn't matter. I don't care. She. MUST. Leave.


  1. Here's the thing. I dont have to wonder how I would feel I KNOW. Unfortunately. And mine didn't do it because she wanted to help, but that she never had a daughter, was always the only female in the house, and told me how excited she was to wash and pull panties out of the dryer that weren't hers. Also, she doesn't take no for an answer either. Better or worse?

    I do not blame you in the slightest for wanting her to leave.

  2. Not better or worse. Just equally ... teeth-grind inducing.

  3. I will ask Nikki. I fold her underwear all the time. and David's. and mine. and Jeren's. I like folding clothes. But then they live in my house. Sometimes they fold (or rather actually don't fold, but toss in my basket) mine. haha. If I were at someone else's house (even if it were my child's house) I would certainly ask if they wanted me to fold clothes and not do it if they said no.


  4. rofl. really... rof.


  5. Oh my word, I missed this one. LOL!


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