I use them for propping up my ankle...

I finished all the episodes of Community on Netflix. (Doggone it. I wish there were more. I love that show.) So this is what I've been watching all day:

Well, not just this clip. That would get boring. This show. It's pretty funny, but I have to be ready to pause it anytime my MIL or kids come into my room.


  1. Love that show. Is it still on or is that an old one. I don't think I ever saw that episode. Did you ever see the one about the giggle-loop. Remind me to tell you sometime about the giggle loop my ex-husband and I had at church one time. We ended up grabbing the baby and running out the back door and falling on the grass rolling with laughter. LOL. Now I will have to go find it on my Netflix if it's there.

    urredlya (wow, seriously?)

  2. THE GIGGLE LOOP IS ACTUALLY MY FAVE SO FAR!!!! I was going to post it, but you really have to see the whole episode to appreciate how funny it is. OF COURSE you would mention it, because you are me and I am you. lolololol. Awesome.

  3. I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  4. LOL...my daughter got me hooked on that show. I'm glad you've seen that one. It is my all time favorite. Except maybe the one with Jane and the pills. Which I can barely remember but I do remember laughing hysterically. I better go find that one and re-watch it.


    I guess the J fell off, lol


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