It's Already Friday?

What a waste of a week.

Honestly, who of you would think it would take FOUR DAYS to fix a broken ankle? Because I wouldn't have thought that. I would have thought that it would be fixed the same day it was broken.

Of course, I also would have thought that you would be given some serious pain killers before someone straightened a broken ankle twisted more than forty five degrees in the wrong direction, but that shows what I know. Not much.

I also didn't know how great my friends are. I have some pretty great friends. And my poor husband was also great... Crawling along on the ground in front of me holding my cast up so it wouldn't pull on my messed up bones while I crutched my way to the washroom or up the stairs or where ever.




Holy crap. My knee just spasmed. I scared the daylights out of Glen, who came running to see what new horrible injury I'd just given myself.

My poor hip and knee took a lot of abuse the last few days lugging around the retarded cast that they made me in Yorkton. At some points they hurt as bad as the break did. Aside from being ridiculously heavy, that cast was put on in such a stupid way that the nurses had to pry it open (after they FINALLY got the doctor's permission) in the middle of the night on Wednesday because it was way too tight. Of course, that left my bones able to shift around freely the rest of the night and all of Thursday morning, which wasn't really any better.
.. Although it did make my toes a little less numb and a little less blue.

Oh man, so many terrible memories. And I've only mentioned about half of them. I could go on, but I'm even boring myself, so I'm pretty sure I lost all but the most loyal of you somewhere in the middle of the second post. I promise tomorrow to write something totally unrelated to my stupid broken ankle.

(I still can't believe I started this week with a perfectly good one, and now I'm sitting here looking at around 12 weeks in a cast. Blah. That's THREE MONTHS! I could grow a third of a baby in that time. My house is going to be a MESS. And I was going to finish painting my kitchen this week so it would be all nice for Ang's visit on the long weekend. LAME. This is lame. I am lame.)


  1. DEAR LORD. Becky, that is just horrific! I'm just shaking my head. I AM SO SORRY. It must have been complete and utter agony, and I don't think even those words suffice.

    FOUR DAYS to get surgery on your ankle, that is fricking ridiculous. Flat out.

    I'm so glad that you've blogged. I was getting concerned. If my phone was working I would call you.

    OKAY this captcha is hilarious:



  2. I heart you. I'm so glad you're my cousin.

  3. SAME HERE. I miss you so much I could cry.



    That congla is just the cyaniest.

  4. My thought echo Carrie's! I almost cry thinking about how horrible that must have been for you!!I am so glad they finally got you in and that things are looking up.

  5. Sort of looking up. I still need to get through the next few days. I can't stand for much longer than 30 seconds on crutches before my ankle and foot feel like they're exploding from swelling. And Glen has to get all his midterm marking done by Monday morning. Honestly, I don't know how we're gonna get through the weekend.


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