No Pressure

Things are still pretty boring over here. So, since all I've got talk about is how the toes on my broken foot are a totally different colour than the toes on my normal foot, I'm just going to send all of you over to Melissa's blog. Her day was super exciting and I'm hoping she'll post about it. So head over there to wait with me for it.

Don't let us down Melissa!


  1. P.S. Carrie, if you're disappointed that you aren't getting a toe post, don't despair. It's likely that nothing interesting will happen in the next 24 hours to push the toe post off the top of my list of things to write about.

  2. Ahaha, you know me too well. Please post. Especially with pictures, if possible. If not, I really need to know exactly what color your toes are.

    Captcha: INTEELE

    Well, inteele theeeeen.

  3. Lol. I wasn't up for it tonight. Stay tuned tomorrow. Maybe then I'll write about the Best 5 Hours I've Ever Been Through! *insert sarcastic tone here


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