Things That Cheer Me Up

Sometimes it's easy to feel down with 12 weeks of recovery in front of me, stuck in my bed with my ankle throbbing all day, but some things make it hard.

Company :)




So I made it through the first two weeks post op. and it wasn't too bad. Mostly because I had family and friends taking care of me and sending me junk if they couldn't come themselves. I'm a lucky girl.

(Here's hoping my luck holds out through tomorrow when I get my new cast. I reaaaaally don't want a real cast. I'm hoping maybe I'll get one of those boot things instead. I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.)


  1. Do you make Hannah come sit in your bed so you can put adorable pigtails in her gorgeous hair?

    Good for you. So would I.

  2. I have to. It hangs in her eyes if I don't. (But I probably would even if it didn't.)


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