Things That REALLY Cheer Me Up

Check. It. Out.

That's my ankle. And I took it to see the surgeon today. And he said I don't need a cast if I promise that I won't put any weight on it till I see him in a month.

Obviously, I promised.

You have no idea how happy I am right now. Aside from the obvious stuck in bed and unable to do anything part, the cast was the part I was most dreading. Now, tomorrow I can take off that bandage and have a bath. And post a gruesome picture(s) of the incision. (Melissa, consider yourself warned. I'll be sure to leave a big space so you have to scroll down to see it in case you accidentally click your way onto my site.)

Next time I break my ankle I'm totally breaking it bad enough that it needs screws and a plate to hold it together so I don't have to have a cast. Score!


  1. OK, I guess. I would opt for there not being a next time. And don't get all tricky by trying to break your wrist or something instead. Just stay in one piece. THAT'S what I recommend.



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