This Is Stupid

I just wrote and deleted a post about how things have gone from bad to worse in the last few hours. It started getting kind of long, but this is the gist of it: I am going insane trapped up in my room on my back with my MIL (mother-in-law) presiding over the chaos downstairs. Hannah keeps escaping and hiding in my room and crying when Glen's mom comes to get her. If this frickin' swelling would just give me a break already so I could at least sit up for a while... I want this to be over.


  1. So do I, for your sake. :(

    And today's captcha: chazoopi

    I did a little chazoopi in my pants.

  2. I wish I was there to help. Sigh. Get well. And try to stay sane until you can move again.
    I love you.
    And I'm sorry.
    And I would have read it even if it was long and whiny.


  3. It's never stupid to vent the frustrations become blow-ups. Getting stuck in bed for a prolonged period is never fun. Life is life and this is all part of the fun! :-)


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