It's REALLY hard to write blog posts when Ang is here. We're watching Being Erica. Ang is knitting me a sock for my cast foot so my toes don't get cold. I dug out the cross stitch I've been working on for the last ten years or so that I got at a Braun family Christmas gift exchange. Ang ate too many chips today, I ate just the right amount, but probably too much pumpkin loaf from Melissa. Glen's mom went home, I sent her a bouquet of flowers as a thank you. (For going home. lol. KIDDING!)

Awe man. She just put the knitting aside because it's frustrating her.

So that's about it. Ang is staying till Tuesday, which is awesome because then she'll get to see the boys do taikwondo tomorrow. On Wednesday it's off to Regina to get a new cast. I'm hoping it won't be a real cast. And on Thursday we go to Martensville for the weekend. I'm getting my hair done and going to see the new Twilight movie.

There. Lamest post ever. I hate newsy posts. I'm really tempted to backspace the whole thing, but I'm gonna quick post it before I do.


  1. Like I said...I didn't eat too many chips....the baby ate too many chips.

  2. Yeah, always blame it on the baby! Go Team! haha


    Were they lishan?


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