So Long

I've posted about this before, so today I wanted to share a link to the blog of a person who I very much admired, and who changed the way I see my own life. For me, reading his blog was sometimes like reading what my dad might have written. When I heard that he had lost his fight with cancer today I wondered and hoped that maybe he might have taken the time to write a last post for his wife to publish. Dad got so much worse so quickly, and we moved from hoping to losing him in just a few days, so there was no time for long goodbyes, or final blog posts. I'm not sure which is better, neither probably, but I was hoping for a goodbye from Kristian today.

I didn't know him in person, but someday I very much look forward to giving him a hug and telling him in person how much his faith and life blessed my own. I like to think that maybe Dad met him "today." I think they would like eachother very much. I wish there was a way to visit heaven, and see both of them, (and a few more people) but every day here is a day closer to there and them, and I'll have to wait. In the meantime, I'm sad, and praying for his wife and two little boys. I can't imagine having to tell my children their dad is gone, or growing up without my dad in my life... So sad.


  1. May you experience His peace today. Good seeing you this holiday. Wish we had a chance to really talk. Another time...


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