I was backing up all my photos last week and I came across this winner. Look at them. Can I just say that I love LOVE these wackos? I do.

They make me laugh every day. EVERY single day. They make me want to be a better person and they make me see in myself the beauty I had never noticed till they came along. They make each day an adventure. They make me so happy, that sometimes when I look at them, when I listen to their little voices laughing or singing, when I feel their little hands slip into mine, my heart is so full I can hardly breath. They fill my day with choas and colour and cuddles.

And they make me glad for bedtime. SO glad.

They make me feel deeply grateful and completely overcome that they have been entrusted to me to care for, to teach, to pray for and love. I am blessed.


  1. They are amazing and so are you!

  2. This better be on your xmas card this year -- awesome pic. :)

  3. Lol. Oh boy. These kids are so funny.


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