Bus Post

Writing my blog. On the bus. Because buses have free wifi. Did you know that? I didn't. I used my phone's "hotspot" (also a knew concept to me) for a bit on the way to Regina, but I didn't want to get charged roaming fees, so I read the rest of the way. But now my book is done, and I don't feel like watching the movie I put on my laptop in case I got bored. And all the old people I talked to on the way are sleeping on the way back. (Disturbingly, I have a LOT of things in common with a bus full of old people.) So I decided I didn't care about roaming fees and turned on my hotspot to sign so I could internet it up and... What's this? STC Bus 778? Yesssssssssssss.

I went to Regina today for an appointment with a dermatologist to see if we could figure out why my arms have open sores all over them. She said what I thought she'd say. She doesn't know. Let's run some more tests and try some more creams and take some more antihistamines. I think I might feel like it has been a wasted trip if it weren't for one thing:

Angerama lives in Regina.

I have no words to say how much her friendship means to me. I really don't. We are very different, and we often see things in totally different lights, but she is a balm to my spirit and a joy to my heart in every way. She is one of those people who I feel like I can be completely me and still, somehow, completely loved.

We spent most of the day driving around to all the Walmarts in Regina looking for boots for Ben. And laughing. And crying. Gosh I love her. The only thing I'd change about her is I'd move her to Yorkton.



Oh man. I love riding the bus between Yorkton and Regina. It's ALL old people. And I love old people. They are way too fun to talk to. What a great trip. I've gotta wrap this post up because my new friend Jimmy and I are watching youtube videos. Mostly about cats. lol


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