Confession Time

I was staring out the window trying to think of something to post about when my eyes wandered over to this thing sitting by the window...

I've mentioned it before, but I used to LOVE my pets, and then grew to almost HATE them. I think something about having little ones in the house made me intolerant of any other thing needing my affection or care. I won't say I hated our cats with a burning passion near the end, but it was a very close thing. I loved being a pet-free family, and I never would have got another pet for myself. I made the supreme sacrifice for the kids, and was dreading all the things that come with owning a pet.

So here's the confession: I love this dumb cat. He makes me happy. I love reading a book with him puring on my lap. I love playing with him and his feather toy on my bed. (Yes, I even let him on my bed.) I love his furry paws and ears. I love that when he plays with us he never uses his claws, none of us have ever been scratched by him. I love that he tolerates Hannah dragging him all over the house, the poor guy. I love that he plays fetch. And maybe it's just because he's new or something? but I haven't noticed any fur anywhere other than on his cute little self. And, this is weird, I'm allergic to cats, but I'm not allergic to him. I read something online saying if you're allergic to cats you should test out cats with different colouring because that can make a difference and this cat looks almost identical to our childhood cat Jynx and I was never allergic to her.... ???

I don't know, but he is the best cat. I love him.


  1. Henry irritates me hugely. For no reason at all. He's a really good dog. He goes outside and even asks permission to come in. He doesn't scarf his food or pee on my stuff, or shed. He's nice to Bella.

    My issue? I expect pets to be people and when they disappoint me, I just get mad.

  2. lol Mel. Seriously. I lol'd when I read that last sentence.


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