Ho Ho Holy Smokes These Commercials Make Me Cry

Christmas commercials. Every year someone puts one out that makes me bawl like I'm back in the movie theatre watching ET for the first time. This year Canadian Tire wins my prize for the best sappy commercial out there. (A sodden kleenex.)

It doesn't help that the kid's name is Sam, or that it's a CANADIAN TIRE ad. (Just the smell of that store can make me cry.) Or that the song is amazing. Stinking Canadian Tire... Dissolving me into a puddle of nostalgia at any time of the day or night. Honestly. I could have sworn I had blogged about a Christmas Commercial from auld lang syne that used to have me instantly crying, but I can't find it anywhere on here. So I'll post it now. Get yourself a tissue, because it's an oldy but a goody.

(Yes, facebook friends. I realize this is a bit redundant, but you try to come up with something interesting to say every day for a month. Actually, try coming up with something to say, never mind something interesting, every day. For a month.)


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