I Never Learn

Two nights ago I took my last antidepressant. Not my LAST last. But the last one in the bottle. I think I've written about what happens when I miss a dose before, but in case you don't remember I'll just tell you it's not pretty. So, since I've learned my lesson I immediately called the pharmacy to order a refill. I did it before I even went to sleep and left the empty bottle out in the open to remind me to pick it up the next morning.

I did not pick it up the next morning.

I forgot until bedtime that night when I usually take my pill. Argh. That's okay though. I'll just pick it up FIRST THING tomorrow before I take Hannah to dance and I should still be okay. Only, I ran out of time to do it before dance and told myself I'd do it after and then we danced which was so fun it completely wiped the pharmacy off of the white board in my brain. So I went home.

And did it occur to me as my severe flu symptoms started to develop over the afternoon that this might be because I had missed taking my antidepressants? No it did not. Because I NEVER LEARN. It wasn't till I went to bed early because I was feeling so terrible (like my brain was trying to escape from my skull actually) and reached for my pill bottle that the lightbulb in my brain turned on illuminating the empty whiteboard which was still enough to remind me to GO GET MY FRICKING PRESCRIPTION!!! (Or send Glen. Haha.)

Argh. On the upside, instead of the nightmares that my drug info page warns can be one of the withdrawl symptoms, I had very interesting vivid dreams. I'll tell you about THAT tomorrow.


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